Dyson Upright Clutch Drive Belt Set - PPP135


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Dyson Upright Clutch Drive Belt Set (Clutch to Motor and Clutch to Brush Roll)

DC04 (Clutch Models), DC07 Silver/Turquoise, DC07 Purple/Lime, DC07 Blue/ Turquoise, DC07 Purple/Scarlet, DC07 Animal, DC14

Pack Quantity:
Set of 2

Manufacturer Reference:

To replace belts on DC04 with active brush roll it is necessary to remove the brush roll 'control knob'. This can be done by pressing down the two hidden locating catches. One islocated adjacent to and in line with the large 'dot' on the control knob and the 'pressing down' can be achieved by inserting a thin screwdriver blade into the groove next to the 'dot'. This releases the to catch. The other catch is located directly opposite on the underside. Again insert and press as above.The underside part of the knob is then released and the complete knob can be detached. Once the knob is removed, access can be gained to the clutchassembly. The clutch can be disassembled using standard engineers tools but take great care to all components in the order they came off.

*DC04, DC07 and DC14 Non-Clutch Uses PPP122*

Product Code: PPP135

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